Carworks of Longmont offers alternator diagnosis and replacement services.  Your vehicle’s alternator provides power to the electrical components of your vehicle while it is in operation as well as charges the battery.  Alternators can be expensive, and too often the are often misdiagnosed.  Carworks of Longmont has test equipment and procedures that can determine the status of your car’s alternator.

Some symptoms of a failing alternator:

  • Some cars have a dashboard ALT or GEN (alternator/generator) light that comes on.
  • Dashboard, and other lights begin to flicker intermittently
  • rough whirring sound coming from the alternator
  • Rubber smell may indicate that the alternator or other component driven by the serpentine belt is not turning properly.
  • Car’s engine suddenly starts to die intermittently.
  • Weak or dead battery.
  • Low voltage at the alternator output.

If you experience any of the issues above, bring your car or light truck down to Carworks of Longmont, as we’d be glad to inspect your vehicle.