Your car or truck battery can fail for several reasons. The obvious being an old tired battery that is out of warranty. However, there are several other factors that can cause a battery to die. Carworks of Longmont can diagonse your battery issue with our test procedures and equipment.

Possible symptoms and causes for a failing battery:

  • Dashboard indicator light comes on. Usually an image of a battery, or similar.
  • When starting, car cranks or turns over slowly.
  • Dimming of head lights and internal cabin and dash lights.
  • Poor battery terminal connections. These are often caused by corrosion buildup at the battery terminals, usually identified by visual inspection.
  • Loose battery cables at the terminals, or loose connections at the alternator that charges the battery.
  • Failing alternator
  • Failing voltage regulator

If you are experiencing any of the issues above, you may want to bring your vehicle to Carworks of Longmont, as it’s very possible that the battery itself is not the cause of the issue. Our trained technicians can diagnose and resolve and issues related to the battery.