Cooling System

If your car has a compromised Cooling system, the hot summer months of Colorado can create a host of problems for you and your car.  Cooling systems failures are  the most common problems we see at Carworks of Longmont. Cooling systems have several components and thus potential failure points such as:

  • Old radiator fluid that no longer properly protects your car from freeze ups or overheating
  • Cracks in the radiator where fluid loss can cause the vehicle to run too hot or potentially overheat
  • Worn or split radiator hoses that can also cause fluid loss
  • Thermostat malfunction where the thermostat doesn’t open or close at the right temperature, causing the car to run too hot or overheat
  • Leaking water pump causing fluid loss and overheating.
  • Air conditioning system failure that makes for an uncomfortable cabin temperature

Carworks of Longmont is experienced in repairing cooling systems of all makes and models of cars and light trucks including domestic and foreign. Call us today!