Power Steering

Carworks of Longmont has factory trained techs that can analyze and repair your car’s steering system using top quality NAPA auto parts.

A car’s power steering system is comprised of a power steering pump that is driven by your engine’s serpentine belt.  This power steering system uses a hydraulic pump with a fluid reservoir that must be regularly inspected to ensure the fluid is at the proper level, and that there are no leaks in the system.  Low fluid levels are typically caused by a cracked hose or leaky connection that can make your car difficult or nearly impossible to steer.  Power steering pumps can also fail over time, and thus need to be replaced,

Symptoms of a failing power steering system:

  • Difficulty in turning the steering wheel
  • Loud squealing sound when turning the steering wheel
  • Low fluid level in the power steering pump
  • Sloppiness or non responsiveness in steering. Not typical of the power steering system, but auxiliary components such as ball joints and other steering mechanisms.

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