Exhaust & Muffler Repair

Carworks of Longmont provides quality exhaust system service and repair to most domestic and imported cars and trucks.  Exhaust systems not only make your vehicle run more quiet, but also convert environmentally unfriendly gasses to more friendly gasses.  Obviously the muffler reduces noise emitted by the vehicle, but the gas conversion process is handled by the catalytic convertor.  “Air Care Colorado” requires that the entire emissions control system of your vehicle is operating within specific limits, or your vehicle will fail the annual or bi-annual emissions test. The exhaust system and the catalytic convertor play a vital role in helping your car pass emissions.  Sometimes it’s not very obvious that a catalytic convertor is failing, as sometimes your car will continue to run as it normally does. Often, a failed catalytic convertor is discovered after the first visit to “Air Care Colorado”.  A visit to Carworks of Longmont prior to taking your vehicle to the emissions test station may save you some hassle.

Symptoms of a failing exhaust or catalytic convertor:

  • Increased engine noise as a result of holes in the exhaust system or muffler
  • Reduced engine performance caused by material restricting air flow through the catalytic convertor.  This causes back pressure to the engine, and in effect choking your engine.
  • Check engine light may come on due to sensors detecting degradation in the engine’s performance
  • Reduced gas mileage as a result of decreased engine performance, again a possible sign of a failing catalytic convertor

Carworks of Longmont can diagnose and service all your exhaust system needs.  Visit our shop or call today!