Frequently Asked Questions

Our trained and experienced auto technicians at Carworks of Longmont can repair most any vehicle to your satisfaction. At the same time, we realize that some customers like to have upfront information on symptoms and possible causes of their car’s issues. There are some excellent internet resources out there (unaffiliated with Carworks) that may help you understandĀ  symptoms and possible causes of your car’s problem so that when you bring your car into a repair shop, you’re better prepared for the discussion.

  • 2CarPros – Car Questions and AnswersThis is a great resource for understanding auto repair issues. You may not be able to perform many of these auto repairs yourself, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have some ideas of what may be going on with your vehicle.
  • Wiki Answers – Auto Parts and Repairs QuestionsThis is an excellent resource for not only reading about auto repair frequently asked questions, but you can also submit your questions.