Fuel System Service Longmont, CO

Carworks of Longmont offers fuel-system maintenance service that will help maximize the lifetime of your fuel system components.  Most later model cars and light truck fuel systems are comprised of a fuel pump located inside the fuel tank.  The fuel pump delivers gas down the fuel line to the fuel filter where debris is captured before the gas enters the fuel injectors, and in turn injected into the combustion chamber.  Over time, fuel and debris can create deposits in the fuel system that should be periodically removed.

  • build up inside the fuel pump – could require fuel pump replacement if not removed
  • debris inside the fuel filter – periodic replacement is part of normal maintenance
  • build up on the fuel injectors – could require fuel injector replacement if not removed

Any of these fuel system issues can result in decreased engine performance, decreased gas milage, fuel injector failure, or fuel pump failure.

Carworks of Longmont recommends our fuel system maintenance service where we thoroughly clean your fuel system and replace the fuel filter.  Call us today!