Oil Change

Carworks of Longmont offers quality oil and filter change services. Carworks of Longmont uses only top quality oil or synthetic oil and NAPA oil filters with our service. Oil is the life blood of the engine, and schedule oil and oil filter replacement will extend the life of your car’s engine.  With regular oil and filter changes, many of today’s cars can easily reach 200,000 miles and more. Oil left unchanged will break down and become contaminated. Over time, this could actually result in complete engine failure and require an engine rebuild or replacement.  Not a good alternative considering the engine is the most expensive component in your car.

With our busy schedules, we can often forget to get our oil changed, so Carworks of Longmont has a service reminder program that will send you an email when your car is due for its next oil and filter change or other scheduled maintenance service. Call us today to get your next oil change scheduled!