Power Brakes

Carworks of Longmont has skilled technicians that know how to service your car or light truck’s power brake system.  A power brake is effectively a closed hydraulic system that uses hydraulic fluid pressure to engage the brake pads with the brake rotor or brake drum at each wheel. This closed system contains hydraulic fluid that has properties which breaks down over time, and should be replaced based on the manufacture’s specifications.  Carworks of Longmont has equipment that efficiently removes old power brake fluid from your brake’s master cylinder and lines, and replaces it with new fluid, effectively extending the lifetime of your power brake system.

Symptoms of a failing power brake system:

  • Spongy feel to the brake pedal.  It should feel that same as when the car was new.
  • Small oil spots on the driveway behind the tires. Sign of a leaky power brake line or leaky wheel cylinder.
  • Master cylinder reservoir is below the full line.  Likely a leak somewhere in the power brake system.
  • Squeaking or grinding when applying the brake pedal.  A sign of brake pads that need to be replaced.
  • Applying brakes causes the vehicle to pull to the right or left as you stop. Possible brake failure on the side opposite to the direction the car pulls towards.

If you experience any of the power braking system issues described above, please contact Carworks of Longmont, as brake issues can not only be dangerous, but left unattended can become quite expensive to repair.