Shocks & Struts

Whether you vehicle has shocks or struts, they provide the same service in a smooth and comfortable ride, and are a key component in your vehicles suspension system. Shocks & Struts eventually wear out, and Carworks of Longmont can replace shocks or struts on all domestic and imported vehicles.  Not replacing shocks or struts not only effects the comfort of your ride, but over time can actually break the shock and strut mounting brackets, incurring additional cost.  Also, the added vibration as a result of worn struts or shocks can literally cause your car to rattle apart over time.

Symptoms of warn shocks and struts:

  • Fluid leaking out and running down the side.of the shock or strut
  • Car bouncing when hitting bumps or breaking
  • Uneven tire wear. This could be caused by other issues
  • Drift or sway when making turns.

Please call Carworks of Longmont for all your shock or strut replacement needs.