Timing Belt or Chain

Your car or truck’s timing belt or timing chain (some cars have timing chains, some have belts) is a crucial element in proper operation of your engine. Carworks of Longmont’s certified auto mechanics are experienced in the  replacement of both timing chains and timing belts.   If a timing chain or belt breaks, it could seriously damage your car’s engine.  The timing belt ensure that your engine’s valves and pistons are in synchronization. To non-mechanics, that probably doesn’t mean much, but the upshot is that timely replacement of your timing belt or timing chain is crucial in avoiding potentially sever engine damage and expense.  Unfortunately replacing a timing belt or chain is one of the most costly maintenance expenses that are on a vehicle, as it take quite a bit of time for a skilled mechanic to replace one. At the same time, not replacing the timing belt could result in a ruined engine.

Symptoms where a timing chain or timing belt may need replacement:

  • Check your owner’s manual! Replace the timing belt at the manufacturer’s specifications. This is based on mileage, and varies quite a bit depending on the manufacturer.
  • Unlike timing belts, timing chains can exhibit a bit of noise that clues in the auto tech that there is some sloppiness in the chain, and thus an inspection is warranted.
  • You are driving down the road, and the timing belt or chain breaks, you here a bunch of loud metal to metal sounds, and your car stops running.  Oh my…

A good rule of thumb is that if your car has never had its timing belt or timing chain replaced, and you’ve hit the 60,000 mile mark, pull out your service manual and check to see what it says.  Then keep Carworks of Longmont in mind, as we have the knowledge and experience to help you in the decision making process.