Tire Rotation & Balancing

Carworks of Longmont not only offers tire balancing services for your existing tires, but we have new tire sales and service as well.

Tire balancing ensures a smooth ride and longevity of your tires.  Off balance tires will cause a rough ride that becomes evident at higher speeds, and over time will ruin your tires. Quality tires can be quite expensive, and should be warrantied for 40,000 to 60,000 miles. However, if your tires aren’t properly balanced, or you have a wheel alignment issue, your tires will wear quickly and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Tire rotation is also necessary to make sure your tires wear as evenly as possible. Tire rotation should be performed at least every 7,000 miles, or whatever the tire manufacturer specifies in the tire warranty.  Carworks of Longmont can ensure that your tires are rotated on schedule, as we have an email reminder system that will let you know when it’s about time for a tire rotation.

Symptoms of improper tire balancing:

  • At higher speeds, the car begins to exhibit a hopping or strong vibration effect.  In some circumstances, this can be quite profound.
  • Tires show signs of improper wear and sometimes flat spots in the tread.

Symptoms of improper tire rotation:

  • Tires show excessive tread wear on the inside or outside of the tire. This also may be caused by improper alignment  or improper inflation.

Carworks of Longmont can provide all of your tire service needs.  Call us today to schedule a visit!