Transfer Case Service

All four wheel and all wheel drive SUV vehicles have what’s called a transfer case.  The transfer case transfers power to both the front and rear wheels as needed. Transfer case fluid should be periodically changed to ensure the longevity of it’s internal working gears and chain. Refer to your car’s manufacturer’s warranty for when it’s time to change the transfer case fluid. Left unmaintained, the transfer case part replacement can get quite expensive.  Carworks of Longmont is experienced in servicing all makes and models of cars, light trucks, and SUVs with transfer cases.

Common symptoms of transfer case failure:

  • 4 wheel drive doesn’t function.
  • Unusual metal grinding sound when switching to 4 wheel / all wheel drive
  • A hopping like sensation when car is moving, often referred to in the industry as crow hop.
  • Vehicle may operate as if in two wheel drive on slick road conditions.

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