Water Pump

Your vehicle’s water pump is a critical component of its cooling system. The water pump literally pumps antifreeze (not typically water)  from the radiator and through the engine block and automatic transmission and back to the radiator. Carworks of Longmont is skilled in replacing water pumps on all major brands of cars and light trucks, foreign and domestic.

Symptoms of a failing water pump:

  • Antifreeze is seeping out on the ground. In some models of cars and trucks, you can see the fluid seeping out.  This is by design, as the water pump bearing seal is designed to start leaking and warn you that the water pump needs replacement
  • Overheating. If the pump isn’t circulating anti-freeze through the block, the engine will overheat.
  • Noise coming from the water pump.  This is a sign that the bearings are wearing out. Water pumps quiet during normal operation.

Give us a call, or bring your vehicle down to Carworks of Longmont, so we can diagnose and if necessary replace your vehicle’s water pump.