Wheel Bearings

Carworks of Longmont offers wheel bearing diagnosis and replacement services using top quality NAPA bearings. Wheel bearings usually last a very long time, but when they begin to fail, you should be able to feel slight vibration in the steering wheel and or through the floor board. This may be accompanied by metal on metal grinding sounds coming from one of the wheels.

Other symptoms of a failing wheel bearing:

  • Smoke emitting from the wheel containing the failed bearing
  • Grinding may be intermittent, or get worse or better as you turn the vehicle.
  • Wheel isn’t straight on the its axle.  Bearing may be destroyed. Don’t drive the car, and have it towed for repairs.

If you suspect that you have a bad wheel bearing, it really isn’t safe to drive the car.  At high speeds a wheel bearing can literally come apart making the car difficult to control.  If you suspect you have a wheel bearing problem, please call Carworks of Longmont at your earliest opportunity.