Carworks of Longmont offers axle repair services for cars and light trucks.  There are different styles of axles depending on the make of the car.  The most common axle issue is actually the bearings that the axle turns on.  The bearings are the wear point that most often fails.

Symptoms of axle issues:

  • Grinding or squealing noise coming from one of the wheels. This could be caused by other wheel issues as well.
  • Vibration when driving the car. Vibration will likely be felt when the car is in motion, regardless of whether the engine is running or not.
  • With the engine off, and the car in neutral, carefully roll down a gentle incline and listen for the axle bearings to produce sounds and vibration, as they should still occur when the car isn’t in operation.

If  you hear such noises, you really should get the problem fixed as soon as possible, as  faulty bearings can be dangerous.  Call Carworks of Longmont today!