Cabin Air Filter Service

Your car or truck’s cabin air filter should be replaced at or around every 10,000 miles, or per your car’s specifications.  Cabin air filters become plugged with dust and other air borne debris such as various allergens.   Some car’s cabin air filters are fairly easy to change with some mechanical know how, but others can be a bit tricky.  Carworks of Longmont has experience with changing the cabin air filter on all major domestic and imported cars and light trucks.

Symptoms of a compromised cabin air filter:

  • Reduced or no air flow coming out of your vents when the air conditioning system or heater is on.
  • When you turn on the air, you notice a bad smell.  This could be mice that have built a nest on top of your air filter, or other such small critter has paid a visit.
  • Dust comes out of your vents when you turn on the air or AC.  Cabin air filter may be compromised or improperly seated or installed.

Carworks of Longmont can diagnose and replace your car’s cabin air filter issues.  Give us a call!