Differential Services

Carworks of Longmont’s certified auto technicians are experienced on servicing and repairing the differential on all major makes and models of cars, light trucks, and 4x4s.

Like any lubricant in your vehicle such as oil or transmission fluid, the differential fluid should be periodically changed per the manufacturer’s specifications.  Old and dirty differential fluid can result in excessive wear on your differential’s moving parts, resulting in metal shavings in the differential and eventual system failure.  Repair and replacing differential parts can be quite costly, while flushing and changing the differential fluid is a preferable choice.

Unfortunately, a compromised differential doesn’t display many symptoms until it is too late, and thus the reason to change the the differential’s fluid on schedule. If your vehicle exhibits any slight bouncing or hopping during turns, you may want to call Carworks of Longmont today to schedule your car’s differential inspection.